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Lip makeup is something most of us wear at least occasionally, and many wear it daily. While tinting up your lips and making them pop definitely brings out your beauty, lip makeup products can be such a nuisance, with all the stickiness and the smudging.

Permanent makeup for lips to the rescue! Thanks to the rapid growth of the PMU industry, you can now get your lips permanently enhanced with the so-called lip-blushing technique. It’s a non-invasive, relatively quick, and simple treatment that adds color to the lips and juices them up.


Lip permanent makeup is actually a form of cosmetic tattooing, meaning, the skin of the lips is broken, and dyes are implemented into it. However, the color isn’t traditional tattoo ink, but rather PMU pigments, specially formulated to fade away after a certain time.

The skin is broken with a PMU machine, a pen-shaped device that features a vibrating needle that pokes the skin over and over again, creating tiny dots of pigment that give the lips the desired shade from within.

Depending on the color saturation and the effect the client wants, the dots are placed in different configurations. This allows artists to create different styles and looks of permanent makeup for lips.

The treatment is always done over a course of at least 2 sessions since not all of the pigment that is implemented into the skin survives the healing process.

The lips lighten up to 50% compared to the shade you get right after a lip-blushing session over the course of 6 weeks, at which point more color can be added.


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